Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bruce Broughton

I have had the luck to watch the greats of film music for say the last 35 years from close up. Like close up enough to check the score and see what the heck is going on. And with the exception of my hero Jerry Fielding, I have seen em all... Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Quincy Jones, Dave Grusin, Lalo Schifrin, Johnny Mandel... been there, LOVED it all... but I have never seen anyone who impressed me more than Bruce Broughton when I was lucky enough to watch him conduct today at the Newman Sound Stage.
For those that don't know, Bruce is, with John Williams, one of our greatest film composers working. (He is also one of the great guys.)
What was really impressive aside from the musicality, the imagination and the execution that was in effect today was when I went up to the podium and checked just how in control Bruce is by checking what he was conducting:
Bruce was not going over some laser printed score that was Sibeliused and spat out (that was for the orchestra and the booth)... Bruce's own original sketch was what he conducted from- and the hand with which he works is so clean, clear, concise and coherent (what now can be known as the four c's), that it was one of the great learning experiences to be a part of for me.
Young Hollywood (and old Hollywood) will soon rediscover Bruce- the music is just too good to be ignored. For anyone making a motion picture that wants to add depth, musicality and insight to their film... seriously... if you are making some blockbuster... GO WATCH AND LISTEN TO "SILVERADO"... or "TOMBSTONE" (ohmygosh)... "YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES"... shoot... "BABY'S DAY OUT" is as impressive as any score done in the last four or five years (and "Harry and the Hendersons"- don't get me started)... do it!- if you love movies and film music- go watch- YOU NEED TO! Seriously, name your favorite film composer for big entertainment movies... no one is more accomplished or knowlegdable or MUSICAL as Bruce- and folks need to recognize. As the old joke goes- Bruce has forgotten more about orchestration/themes/variations/arranging than the guys doing today's blockbusters may ever learn in their giga-studio'd, jet-powered computer laboratories. And that's not a knock on them (or me!- not that I have gotten to do any blockbusters...)- but this is merely an acknowledgent of how much Bruce has at his fingertips and how vital he is TODAY for a generation that can use his abilities.
Anyways, I wanted to share my day. Go watch a rare bird, my pal Bruce, Click on the picture below... Watch and enjoy.


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