Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Frank Comstock

God love that I can still have a conversation with Frank Comstock about Eddie Sauter. Life is good.
(that's Gene Puerling (l), John Clayton, Jr. (c) and... Frank on the right.
Frank Comstock did some amazing work. I was listening to the music from Bullwinkle which I have put up here- which is marvelous. Frank and I have become phone pals- he also did the music arrangements for Les Brown's band for... ever (lots of good stuff available on line)... as well as, it goes with saying!, the Hi-Lo's (Gene Puerling did the remarkable vocal arrangements, Frank did the music arrangements).
But back to Moose and Squirrel...
Fractured Fairy Tales Theme
You can here a little Stravinsky, a little Prokofieff, a little Debussy... a little moose... ok- a BIG moose and a little squirrel. But can you imagine the musicianship available! Great sounding band too.
Peabody's Improbable History
Man, music was great fun on these cartoons!!!!
Dudley Dooright theme


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